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david Walking the Labyrinth at Grace Cathedral

“Music For Your Soul,” started out as an idea of releasing what I felt were the “best of” my songs from various catalogs of songs I’ve written over the past 30 years.

Initially, I was going to call the album, “Conversations,” since most of my songs are conversational, or stories. I thought that was a broad canvas that would accommodate the songs I was considering at that time.

In the process of recording the album, I contacted many of the musicians I have worked with over the years, to see if they might be interested in working on the project with me. To my pleasant surprise, not only were they interested, but they were actually enthusiastically lining up to appear with great fondness for the material and for the memories we shared from working together in the past.

In the course of writing and recording the initial songs for this cd, I experienced a life transformation, and the wonderful discovery of a “gift” from a friend who was dying of cancer. That experience led me to study Reiki, an ancient Tibetan system of healing, harmonizing and balancing energy which is used throughout the world today as an alternative medical modality for many things, including stress reduction and deep relaxation, not to mention treatment for everything from minor ailments to chronic diseases.

The day I went to visit my dying friend in the hospital, I woke up that morning with the melody and lyrics for what I thought would be the title song for my new cd, “Conversations.” Intuitively, I knew that day would be a special one, but I never dreamed of the transition that my life was about to take. That melody and lyric about “conversations” eventually became the third verse of the new title song of the album, “Music For Your Soul,” and it became the “mission statement” of this album project for me personally.

The song itself is a true account of two spiritual events that occurred soon after the visit to my friend in the hospital. First, another friend had a dream in which this friend saw billboard signs along different roads with the words “david castle – Music For Your Soul – available on cd in music stores everywhere…” And second, after playing a song for another person, she said to me, “david, that is truly music for your soul…” These words were said to me only two days after the other friend’s dream. Coincidence? I believe it was synchronicity.

david says Reiki prayer before teaching positions with orb present in shot

The Universe was speaking to me in stereo, leading me to change the title of this album from “Conversations” to “Music For Your Soul.” As I finished writing the song, it became my anthem to spirituality, which also honors what I’ve learned in Reiki: the sharing of Universal Life Energy and love with others in order to heal.

Over the years, I’ve also witnessed the healing effects of music on people. My greatest hope and intent for the new cd is that others will experience healing through my music, whether it’s from enjoyment of a particular song when they hear it, or whether it’s from a song that helps them through a life transformation of their own. As long as the music and songs help someone get through their day, then I’ll feel my mission was accomplished. As long as it benefits the good of all who partake in it, that is my goal.

As I began to realize these things, it occurred to me that the album was also a tribute to the many musicians, and the talented recording engineer, that I’ve worked with over the years… and in turn, they were honoring my music that I’d written over the years, so there was this wonderful exchange taking place even in the making of the album.

Also in the course of making the album, a young filmmaker, Carrie Carnevale of 17 Films, approached me and asked my permission to make a documentary of the “making of” the new cd, which for me was yet another “gift from the Universe.” Carrie began filming back in May of 2005, and has continued to document the cd’s progress ever since.

I know in my heart and soul that, in the end, the result will be something that I can be proud of. I feel that the entire experience is a blessing and a gift, and it has indeed been a healing experience for me personally.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has ever helped me in my music career, no matter how large or how small that help, support and/or encouragement. This project is my way of “giving back” and saying “thank you” from my heart and soul to all those people around the world who’ve given of themselves to help me along my path. May this album always lift you up and help you through the times of your lives.

My love and light to everyone, everywhere, and my thanks for your support and encouragement throughout the years.

Bright Blessings, Peace, Love & Brotherhood,

david castle