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Music For Your Soul

david castle

Alicia Doyle has written an article about david for the Ventura County Star: Musician aims to help himself and others.

Songs from david's current cd, Music For Your Soul, are being used in new productions. "Sensitive & Gentle Fool Inside Me" is used in the web release and dvd release of Ep. 215 of Friday Night Lights and can be downloaded at Amazon.com. The Episode is entitled "May The Best Man Win" and is the last episode of Season Two.

In addition, later this year, two of castle's songs from Music For Your Soul will be featured in the new Russell Crowe movie entitled, "Tenderness," which is to be released later in 2008. david's songs, "Wherever You Are" & "Parachute Down" are used in this motion picture.

Welcome to my new Music For Your Soul website. First, I want to thank everyone who participated in the making of the album from beginning to end, all the musicians, artists, photo artists, friends in radio and television, friends, relatives; all who helped me to create this cd. Second, I want to thank everyone who has written or emailed me from around the world for your support, encouragement and love. I’m deeply grateful to you all.

The intent of this new site is to share with everyone the “soul” of “Music For Your Soul.” The “soul” of this album, that is to say the intent of the project, is to open a space for healing for all who listen to it, hear it, and experience it.

Many of the artists who generously shared their musical gifts and gave of themselves artistically to this project experienced healings during the making of this project and many who have written me have experienced healings of all sorts from all over the world.

I’m deeply humbled and grateful to have had the opportunity to do this project and am thankful to all who touched my life and who had anything to do with the creation of this cd.

Of all the recordings I’ve ever made, this one truly is my favorite. It has been a blessing from start to finish and continues to be.

The new Music For Your Soul site is intended to bring understanding and illumination about the making of the album, and the true meaning behind it. Please explore this beautiful new site, which was inspired my dear friend, Brandon D’Amore. Thanks to his keen vision and generous influence, it is finally a reality. The wonderful voiceover presented on the intro page of this site and the davidcastle.net site was done by disc jockey, Eric Chaney. My personal thanks to Eric for his artistry and my thanks to Rod West for his inspiration for this site as well. Also, the home page design was created by one of my dearest friends, Barry Wayne Jones, a lifelong friend, who tragically passed away just after having created the basic “look” of the site. As a tribute, I asked my new webmaster, and now friend, Adam Guimont, to keep the basic “feel” that Barry created and to lend his own special magic to the rest of the site, which I think he’s done masterfully and beautifully. A special thanks to Adam for giving so generously of his talents, time, energy, support and artistry.

Please enjoy the new site and do feel free to write me and let me know your thoughts, your input, and any messages of healing, or enlightenment that you might have to share with me as a result of your experience. Also, please join our email list for future announcements, updates and messages of interest. If you are a member of MySpace, feel free to visit my page (myspace.com/davidcastlemusic) and to add me to your network and leave a comment.

Bright blessings to everyone, everywhere. With Love, Light and Gratitude,

david castle


In Memoriam of Barry Jones - Oct. 8, 1951 - May 14, 2006

"This site, including the intro animation, was originally designed by my dear friend, Barry Jones, who passed away very suddenly and unexpectedly last May. Barry was a wonderful web designer and was a master guitarist, musician, composer, songwriter and one of my closest friends. I'll miss him always and this site is a tribute to his artistry and genius."