david castle
music for your soul
music for your soul - cover
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"My dear friend David Castle has just released his new CD, "Music for your Soul." David's music really is for the soul and has healing qualities composed into it. This CD is special to me because I predicted it some years ago. David and I met several years ago when he saw my documentary on Final Destination and contacted me. We became fast friends and I have been privileged to hear him play both privately and publicly. What a treat, treat, treat! He always manages to bring tears to my eyes.

Not only did I predict a musical comeback for David but an exciting new spiritual journey as well. I remember telling David that he would one day be a healer, not only through is beautiful music, but spiritually. Upon my first meeting with David, I knew immediately he was a loving and highly intuitive soul. He continues to prove me correct."

- Pam Coronado (www.pamcoronado.com)

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"It is a beautifully crafted album and it is so nice to have spiritually oriented music with a contemporary feel and sound! I wish you the greatest of fortune as you put your heart into the world through your touching musical gift."

In light,
Naisha Ahsian (Crystalis Institute)

Naisha Ahsian is the author of The Crystal Ally Cards: The Crystal Path to Self Knowledge and the upcoming Little Book of Infinite Abundance. She is co-author of The Book of Stones with Robert Simmons. Trained in various bodywork and healing modalities, Naisha is creator of the Crystal Resonance Therapy and Primus Activation Healing Technique modalities of vibrational medicine. She is Director of Crystalis Institute for Personal & Planetary Evolution, an educational organization offering training and information to Lightworkers worldwide. Naisha offers private consultations by phone and workshops and trainings worldwide. Naisha lives in Vermont with her soul mate and animal companions. She can be contacted through Crystalis Institute.