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Welcome to my new Music For Your Soul site Spiritual Page. I wanted to make this site more personal and open to the very kind people who write to me about my music and endeavors.

My intention is that this page will give the very nice and thoughtful people who turn on to my music and healing endeavors more insight to the new cd, upcoming performances, energetic information, and whatever else is happening in the future. It’s also my intent to inspire and enlighten people to the healing abilities of music and why that is so important to me personally.

Music became a part of my life intuitively from the very earliest of my childhood memories. I began playing the piano at age three. I would just hear melodies and feel led to the piano and innately felt guided to play the melodies. I would go over to the piano and find the melodies I heard in my head and play them. To me, playing the melodies I heard in my mind was as natural as breathing. Looking back now, I realize how far back clairaudiency played a part in my life.

I always knew what I wanted to do with my life. There was never any question in my mind. I wanted to make music, to play, to compose, to perform, to record, to conduct and to heal. I witnessed the healing effects that music had on people from a very early age.

Being the youngest son of a minister, I also grew up in rather unusual circumstances, watching a spiritual leader grow churches, building them by building the membership, guiding them individually as well as collectively. Raised in this environment, I saw the good and the not-so-good in organized religion, the inspiration and upliftment, the healings, and then the politics and business of the church, the not-so-pretty, not-so-uplifting side.

One Sunday afternoon, I stood and watched by my dad’s side as he greeted the church members as he always did when they were leaving after his sermon and service. I noticed an older man who faked a smile, laughing as though he didn’t have a care, and I could tell intuitively that his friendly demeanor was actually not what it seemed. On a deeper level, I felt this man was hurting and aching to express his deeper feelings, but simply had buried them for so long and covered them up with his friendly smile and upbeat expressions, that he just couldn’t, or perhaps no longer quite knew how.

It was at that moment that I was led to become a composer (and a healer). I felt an inspired desire to uplift, to heal, to help people to remember their feelings and celebrate them, no longer to hide them, but to listen to them and follow them. Following the heart and its innate wisdom and guidance seemed paramount to me to communicate through my music. And so it began for me, my journey as a composer, singer, songwriter and musician… and little did I realize it then, but also as a healer.

Before long I’d learned to play several instruments, though my main instrument was always piano, I’d learned clarinet, bass clarinet, cello and bass guitar. I also sang in the Texas Boys Choir (the U.S. equivalent of the Vienna Boys Choir) as a child. I loved singing so much that I closed my eyes once in a rehearsal, enjoying the sound of all the voices around me, to my own detriment, because the conductor cut the choir off at the end of the composition, and I was enjoying singing and hearing the awesome sound of the choir so much, that I forgot to open my eyes and see the cutoff. The director/conductor was so upset that he actually reprimanded me quite harshly in front of the entire choir. I was so shy and sensitive that I ran out crying, never to return. (For my bio info, please visit www.davidcastle.net/bio.php.)

The journey of a musician is rarely easy, but always rich with experiences. Those experiences, the human experience, the challenges, the successes and the failures all culminate ultimately into a musician’s refined talents and personal growth. My experiences and personal growth resulted in triumphs, disappointments and the entire spectrum of emotions over the years, but ultimately it all led to spiritual growth.

Seeing how people react to music, how certain songs touched certain people, and in general, witnessing how healing music is to people has always been inspiring to me, not to mention how healing it’s been for me through the various ups and downs in my own life. Music is profoundly healing… and on many different levels.

In recent years, at the deathbed of a friend, I believe that I had a spontaneous initiation into the ancient Tibetan system of healing, harmonizing and balancing the body known as Reiki, which was a life-altering experience for me. Going hand in hand with my early desire to heal people’s emotions through music, now, healing on the physical, mental and spiritual side became a sort of “calling,” as my dad put it so eloquently when I asked him what made him decide to become a minister. (He said to me very simply, “Well, son, I had a calling to the ministry.”) I sort of “got it,” when my dad told me that all those years ago, but I really “got it” when it happened to me first-hand with Reiki.

david teaches first hand position

Since that day, I studied and practiced Reiki I, Reiki II and eventually became a Reiki Master Teacher. Having been intuitive throughout my life, Reiki enhanced my intuition exponentially over time. I was then led to study and become an Angel Therapy Practitioner ® through Doreen Virtue, PhD.

These experiences all helped shape the new cd, Music For Your Soul, as I was studying Reiki I, Reiki II and Reiki Mastership during the making of the cd. Reiki is a form of “energetic healing” and I was learning of energetics the entire time while recording the cd. Naturally, as I learned more of the healing arts, particularly in terms of sound healing, I began incorporating what I was learning and infusing my recordings for the cd with these new techniques that I was learning. My intent was for this album to be healing to whoever was turned on to the cd over time.

While studying Reiki I learned more about the chakra system, the body’s corresponding spiritual anatomy. For those who aren’t yet familiar with the chakra system, there are many sites and references on the web you can check out, but just briefly, let me explain (in a nutshell).

We all have 7 basic chakras that correspond to our anatomy both energetically and physically. The first chakra is the “root chakra,” which is located at the base of the spine. It is believed that the chakra is the energy field that spins around that area of the body and when we have blocks in that energy field, it affects us on a physical and sometimes emotional level as well. The second chakra is the “sacral chakra” located just below the belly button. The third is the “solar plexus chakra” located just above the belly button. The fourth is the “heart chakra” located at the heart area. The fifth is the “throat chakra” located at the throat area. The sixth is the “third eye chakra” located between the eyes and just above in the middle of the forehead. The seventh chakra is the “crown chakra” located at the very top and center of the head. (For a wonderful and profound understanding of the chakra system, I highly recommend, Caroline Myss’s book or audio book cd entitled, “The Anatomy of the Spirit.” I enjoy listening to her cd of the book frequently. It’s packed with so much information and wisdom, not to mention her own distinctive personality, that I learn something new every time I listen to it. It’s available at book stores everywhere, on her site, and of course, on web sites like Amazon.com.)

Each of the chakras are related to various facets of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual makeup. For instance, the root chakra, located at the base of the spine, is where we hold all of our familial, tribal, material and survival concerns. When that chakra is blocked or out of balance, it will affect the immediate region physically and also on some level affects us emotionally. So it’s important to keep your chakra balanced and clear.

There are many chakra balancing meditations available, but in my healing work, I’ve learned that music can also clear and balance the chakra. Those of you with musical backgrounds will really appreciate learning this: the chakra is tuned to the musical scale and responds to notes that correspond to each individual chakra. The root chakra is in tune with the vibration of middle C, the 2nd chakra responds to D above middle C, the sacral chakra is E, the heart chakra is F, the throat chakra is G, the third eye chakra is A and finally the crown chakra is B above middle C; right up the scale.

So if you’ve ever wondered why you enjoyed a particular song without a reason, you may have responded because it was in a key that was in alignment with where you were at emotionally or physically with relationship to your chakra system. Perhaps you’re in love, heard a song in the key of F and you totally related and vibed to it, because you are so in the “heart chakra” in that moment.

With this in mind, I sequenced the new cd, Music For Your Soul, to be a wonderful chakra “tune-up.” My intent was for people to feel good and healthy after having listened to the entire cd. Having said that, there is no correct way to listen to the album, so for those who enjoy the “random” setting on their cd players, not to worry. I believe that everyone will receive exactly what is needed for their health and highest good, when it is needed, and all in “divine time.”

At this time, I’m studying BioSonic Repatterning (a form and technique of “sound healing”) with Dr. John Beaulieu, one of the pioneers of this area of the energetic healing arts. He uses techniques of vocalizing and chanting, as well as tuning forks, to help balance the chakra system. For more information on this fascinating subject and on John himself, visit his website at www.biosonics.com.

david teaching first hand position

As this new site unfolds, I’ll be updating it from time to time with other news and different ways in which we can all help to heal ourselves and others, whether through music, or simply through meditative or other techniques, such as positive affirmations.

I practice using positive affirmations every day, many times a day. They can be as simple as “I am deserving,” “My path is smooth and filled with joy,” or “I love myself.” One of the things we forget to do most is to love and accept ourselves; taking care of our “inner child.” By loving ourselves we create inner harmony and effect greater harmony in our relationships with friends, co-workers, and even our significant others. Louise Hay, a pioneer in this field, has many wonderful books on the subject, and one I am particularly fond of is “The Power is Within You” available at www.hayhouse.com and other places on the web, like Amazon.com. I highly recommend her work, as well as Doreen Virtue’s books and audio cds on the angelic realm and working with your angels.

These are valuable tools in self improvement and in understanding our spirituality and our life purposes. I consider myself fortunate to have taken one of Doreen’s workshops and to have attended one of Caroline Myss’s workshops as well. These very wise and sharing lightworkers are paving the way for many in understanding our physical and energetic bodies and how they affect our relationships, lives, and our spirituality.

Join me in learning more and giving to yourself, your friends and families the healing energy, love and light that we all have inside to give and share.

Thank you for visiting my new Music For Your Soul site. Please feel free to visit often, as we’ll be updating the site with more information and links to other sites of interest in the near future. And also, please feel free to contact me. I always enjoy hearing from site visitors worldwide.

Love and light to all who visit.

Bright blessings always,